Booking a stay

Booking your stay at Villa Mirasierra couldn’t be easier – just fill in the enquiry form to tell us what dates you are interested in and we’ll get back in touch to confirm availability and rates. Please note that although we can only accept bookings for arrival and departure on Saturdays during high season (July/August), throughout the rest of the year we accept midweek dates for arrival and departure. We do request a minimum stay of one week.

Weekly rates are as follows:

Low Season (Winter) £1,050
Mid-Season (Spring/Autumn) £1,400
High Season (Summer) £1,800

Additional days are charged on a pro rata basis. A refundable safety deposit of £400 is required to secure your booking; this is returned shortly after the end of your stay, subject to any deductions for loss or breakages. Payment of the balance will be expected six weeks prior to the start of the holiday.

If you have any dates you’d like to stay, or would just like to find out more, then please fill in the form and we’ll get back to you.